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What is Dia De los Muertos and its meaning?

The Day of the Dead is a time of celebration and remembrance of loved ones who have passed away. During the days of the dead, the family often takes the opportunity to visit the gravesite and pull weeds, clean any debris and decorate the graves of loved ones. Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a celebration of life and death. While the holiday originated in Mexico, it is celebrated all over Latin America. 

When is Dia De los Muertos 2020?

The "Days of the Dead” refers to October 31 – November 2. October 31 is Halloween or “All Hallows Eve”. November 1 is “el Dia de los inocentes” or the day of the children and “All Saints Day”. November 2 is All Souls Day or the Day of the Dead.

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dia de los muertos infographic for kids day of the dead spanish class

At Artsy Dinos, we love crafting and learning! It's such a great way to build a powerful moment and reinforce learning and celebratons! Enjoy these craft ideas!

Note: Dia de los muertos is NOT Mexican Halloween. Though some Latinx that are celebrating may dress up as skeletons or skulls, this is a means of celebration and honor, not a costume for Halloween!

Happy crafting!

Sugar Skulls (Calaveras) & Skeleton (Calacas) Crafts

1) Artsy Dinos "Velvet Foil Art: Dia de los Muertos!" 

Looking for Day of the dead craft activities?! Learn about the significance and symbolism of November 2nd with our easy Dia de los muertos crafts! Decorate these Day of the dead skull crafts with colorful foil art for kids and gemstone stickers.


Sugar Skulls, or calaveras, are commonly used for Day of the Dead to decorate their families ofrendas or gravestones. Sugar skulls represent a departed soul, who they believe return home to enjoy the offering on the altar. Sugar skulls can be made in many sizes, some sugar skulls are smaller or bigger to represent a passing of a child or an adult. 

2) Sugar Skull Sun Catcher!
skull suncatcher ideas

Here are some DIY Dia de los Muertos Sun Catchers! Sun catchers are always so much fun to do and a great end result! This would make a great Day of the Dead decoration!

3) Dia de los Muertos Paper Puppet Template!

calacas crafts

These are some adorable sugar skull puppets! It is a printable template with a variety of accessories for your kids to express their creativity!\

4) DIY Day of the Dead Pinata Garland! 

Sugar skull pinata garland

According to Cesar Diaz, if you are looking for festive Day of Dead decorations this sugar skull piñata garland is easy to make and so much fun. Instructions are in the link! Have fun making these cute pinatas and put whatever you’d like in them!

5) Sugar Skull Wreath

We love the festive wreaths by Vanessa at! Check out her Instagram for this and more ideas!

calaveras wrreath ideas

Altar Crafts

6) Dia de los Muertos Altar!  

dia de los muertos altar craft

People make altars for their human loved ones as well as their pets, in the spirit of remembrance. Each of the items has a traditional significance to help guide the loved ones on their journeys. These DIY Day of the Dead altars are perfect for filling with photos, mementos, and other trinkets to remind you of loved ones!!

7) Dia de los Muertos Shoebox Altar!  


shoebox altar for day of the dead

A twist to a Day of the Dead Altar, use a shoebox! It’s easy with convenient materials! And it's a great way to remember a loved one while you fill it out with important memories. 

Marigold Crafts

8) Dia de los Muertos Marigold Wreath Decoration!  

marigold wreath

According to tradition, bright yellow and orange marigolds help the departed find their way back home. The spirits are welcomed by the marigolds' strong scent as the flowers adorn graves and stylized altars. Whole Day of the Dead wreaths are  also made of fresh marigolds and hung on doors.

9) Marigold Flower Crown!

marigold crown

Add to your Day of the Dead outfit and have a fun time making this beautiful Marigold flower crown!!

Papel Picado Crafts

10) Papel Picado by Crafty Chica

Papel picado crafts

Dia de los muertos decor wouldn't be the same without the beautiful and colorful papel picado designs and banners! Get creative with your shapes and designs!


We hope you enjoy learning about the different symbols of Dia de los Muertos! Tag us on Instagram if you try any of these ideas!



Contributed by Jariz Sanchez

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