3 Fun Ways to Play with Sidewalk Chalk!

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Sidewalk chalk fun

I love everything crafty (obvi) including free drawing with sidewalk chalk! Bubba, however, gets a bit frustrated after a few minutes because he can't really draw and coloring my designs only keeps him entertained for so long. But, with these 3 ways to play with sidewalk chalk, he has something to look forward to at the end of it and he's much more likely to keep his attention!

Sidewalk chalk is a great outdoor activity that can be used anywhere! We take it with us when we go camping or to grandmas as additional things to do. Right now, since we're Staying Home in Houston due to the COVID19 pandemic, these 3 ideas kept us entertained the whole afternoon!

1) Write a positive message for your neighbors!

We remind Bubba everyday to be kind and actively help him think of ways he can be kind to others. Our act of kindness today? Write a fun, colorful message for our neighbors to brighten their day as they're walking around!

Sidewalk chalk inspirational quotes

2) Color / Shape Switch!

 Draw different shapes with different colors on your driveway or large play area. If you're playing with multiple kids, make sure you draw more than one of each shape. Then call out different actions and the kids can run around following the instructions. Older kids love taking turns giving these out too. Sample instructions:

  • Go stand on a yellow star (easy)
  • Go to the green circle and turn around 3 times (adding on another instruction)
  • Go to the green circle, turn around 3 times and walk backwards to the purple diamond (3 or more instructions - medium)
  • Add letters or numbers for kids that know them. Tell them to stand on the letter A, or the number 2+3. You can make these as hard or easy as you want! Looking forward to when Bubba can spell simple words - hop the the shapes and spell the word "CAT"!.
Sidewalk chalk games

    3) Nature walk and color hunt!

    After you're done running around, go for a nature walk! Find flowers, leaves, twigs, berries, etc. out in nature that match the color of your chalk shapes! Of course, be considerate and don't pick your neighbor's flowers. Also, look out for items that may be close to the color you're looking for - like dried leaves can be green, red, orange and yellow! Also, do a quick look around before you pick your colors. Blue can be hard to find in nature - pinks, yellows, greens and oranges tend to be a bit easier. Bubba loved finding the different colors and running back to our driveway (yes, after EACH item we collected lol - we didn't go very far!) to place them on the right color. 

    Nature walk games


    Take the items you collected with #3 above and go inside and glue/tape them to a color wheel (recommend doing this sooner rather than later since the items may shrivel, dry and change colors). Plus a great way to practice handwriting / spelling colors. 

    Color wheel for kids

    I love doing color wheels because it visually teaches about mixing colors if you do in the proper order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, red). You can go over primary vs. secondary colors. Also, for older kids, you can explain complementary and analogous colors. Complementary colors are the ones opposite from each other on the color wheel and analogous colors touch on the color wheel.

    Primary and Secondary Colors Color Wheel for Children  Complementary and analogous colors

    Hope you guys enjoy! Follow us on Instagram to get more craft ideas!


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