Celebrate Lunar New Year: Chinese New Year edition

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Celebrate Chinese New Year

As part of our celebrate the Lunar New Year series, we've asked a few of our blogger/IG momma friends simple questions about how they celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Today, we bring you Sunny, who celebrates Chinese New Year! Sunny is a momma who is focused on teaching her daughter Mandarin, both spoken and written. I love the ideas, games and activities she has and find them useful as I think about incorporating Hindi into Bubba's life! Check her out at


1. How do you greet someone for the new year? 

新年快樂/Xīnnián kuàilè

2. What is your favorite CNY tradition?

Getting together and feasting with friends (if living away from family which is common when people live overseas) and family.

3. What do you hope your little one remembers about celebrating CNY when she's older?

Connecting with friends and family during the festivities and knowing she is accepted and loved within that context.

4. How do you plan to celebrate CNY the same or differently than when you were younger?

There tends to be more of a focus on outward material success and status during family gatherings at CNY. I’d like to focus more on celebrating and being thankful for what we’ve been blessed with. Also focusing more on loving one another as we are.

5. What are your favorite foods to eat during CNY?

發糕/Fāgāo:fortune steamed sponge cake. They’re similar to cupcakes but made out of rice flour and steamed instead of baked.

Thanks you for sharing Sunny! Check out her fun and educational instagram @spotofsunshinechinese

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