Celebrate Lunar New Year: Tết edition!

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As part of our Celebrate Lunar New Year series, we've asked a few of our blogger friends/IG Mommas simple questions about how they celebrate the Lunar New Year.

For our first in the series, we bring you Stephanie, who celebrates Vietnamese New Year, or Tết (short for Tết Nguyên Đán).

Chúc mừng năm mới !! Means Happy New Year in Vietnamese!

Hi, my name is Stephanie Textor and I'm a first generation Vietnamese American. I am from Seattle, Washington, and currently stationed in Sacramento, California. My husband is in the Military and serves in the United States Coast Guard. I am also a stay at home mother. I have a daughter and baby on the way due in April. My Vietnamese culture is very important to me. I speak the language fluently and teach my husband and my daughter. I like incorporating my heritage in our day to day life!

1) What is your favorite Tết tradition?

Our families celebrate Tết by having a huge gathering with all our friends and families. We have delicious foods, flowers, some dress up in Vietnamese traditonal dresses called Áo dài. There is lots of music! Our grandparents, aunties or parents hand out red envelopes that have lucky money in them to all the kids! Aside from the partying with our families, we always go to Tết festival - wherever we are at, there is always one happening! The festivals have food, music, dancing, and always put on a show with the lion dance and will light firecrackers on the street.

2) What do you hope your little one remembers about celebrating Tết when she's older?

I want my daughter to always remember our Vietnamese culture. She is half Caucasian and half Vietnamese so knowing our culture and traditions we carry on every year is important. All my best memories growing up were with my family and friends during Tết and it's something to this day that I still look forward to! Tết is a celebration of the new year, and we love being blessed with positive energy and luck.

3) What are your favorite foods to eat during Tết?

Food is absolutely favorite part! Some of my favorites are, Banh Tet, which is sticky rice rolled in banana leaf, and inside contains mung bean, eggs and pork. Egg rolls are my favorite go to. Thit Kho (Vietnamese sweet braised pork with boiled eggs) and you eat that with rice. Love all the exotic fruits that are always present such as durian, jackfruit and dragon fruit. There are also candied fruits (coconut + ginger are my favorite) and seeds that are delicious.

Thank you Stephanie for sharing how you celebrate! Hope you guys enjoyed learning, but more importantly, share this with your little ones! 

Follow Stephanie's beautiful Instagram where she talks about being a momma, dog lover and Coast Guard wife @stephtextor517!

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