Craft Tutorial: Chinese Zodiac Wheel

Artsy Dinos

Chinese Zodiac Wheel

Check out our Cricut Zodiac Wheel design here! And the YouTube tutorial here!

This is a simple design! 

Materials needed:  Artsy Dinos Chinese New Year stickers set,  posterboard and a connector piece 
1) 10 inch diameter bottom circle - draw lines to split into 12 even sections. The animal stickers go on the outside edge. 
2) 6.5 inch middle wheel, split into 12 even sections.  You can put years here as shown, characteristics of that animal or write the animal in a different language! 
3) 6.5 inch top wheel with a wedge cut out
4) Order of animals (subtract 12 from the years to do additional ones): 
Ox - 2009
Tiger - 2010
Rabbit - 2011
Dragon - 2012
Snake - 2013
Horse - 2014
Goat - 2015 
Monkey - 2016
Rooster - 2017
Dog - 2018
Pig - 2019
Rat - 2020
5) After your child decorates their wheel,  connect them together with a connector!
Turn the top wheel to align your birth year to find your animal! 
Use the remaining stickers to make a nice card for CNY!
Happy crafting!

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