DIY Flower Suncatcher

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These are unprecedented times - the coronavirus has got us all social distancing and quarantined. While it feels like the world is forever changed, on a positive note, we get to spend some extra quality time with Bubba!

Of course, for us that means craft fun! Today, we did one of my favorite DIYs because it's pretty and helps us stay active! 

My favorite part of this is a nature walk around the neighborhood to gather flowers and leaves! Of course, don't pick your neighbor's flowers! Go with wildflowers, leaves and flowers on the ground! 

 All you need is a plate, clear contact paper and some nature (flowers and leaves)! You can also add some extras like glitter, confetti or stickers! 

See the full video tutorial here!

1) Collect leaves and flowers. Talk about the different colors and sounds of nature as you walk! 

2) Cut a circle in the middle of a paper plate.

3) Cut 2 circles on contact paper about an inch bigger than the hole. 

4) Apply the contact paper to one side of the plate so the sticky side faces the inside of the plate. 

5) Decorate! Let your little one place flowers,  leaves and other embellishments as they please on the sticky side. 

6) Cover the design with the remaining piece of contact paper so the flowers are held in place.

7) Go back outside and catch some sun! 





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