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That AHA! Moment

Artsy Dinos

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Somebody NEEDS Artsy Dinos. I underlined it twice in my RISE Conference notebook. It was one of those AHA! moments of absolute clarity and certainty in my heart. Let me back up a little. Artsy Dinos was about to launch within the next month or so. I was really proud of the mission of the company (“Molding creative minds and open hearts through cultural experiences”), the awesome products I created and I knew that I wanted to use the brand as a platform to spread the message of teaching children to embrace diversity and inclusion. But, I was having a...

An idea is born

An idea is born

It all started with a “healthy” dose of mommy guilt. I actually hate that term and generally do a good job of avoiding it, but in this case, it fits. I was laying wide awake, past 2 am, regretting that afternoon cup of coffee as random thoughts buzzed in my head. The boxes that remained unpacked from our recent move… how to manage my team at work… what friends I wanted to check-in with that week… meal planning for trying to go keto… what new learning toy to get for my son, S.  My thoughts drift to the Christmas tree...