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At Artsy Dinos, we want our little humans to grow up to be kind and open-minded adults. By introducing different cultures and ways of living through our crafting kits and social media content, we strive to teach kids to embrace all types of diversity in the world and be active champions of diversity, inclusion and anti-racism.
 Thank you for participating with us and sharing in our mission! Follow us on social media and our blog posts to learn more!



Samir and I (Rachel) may be a bit biased, but we have a really AWESOME Artsy Dino. Our son inspired the name for our company with his singular obsession with dinosaurs, combined with my joy for crafting with him. The art of creation has always been an important outlet for me, so when the desire to fill a void (read more here) came up, doing so through art made perfect sense!
 More importantly, he is the inspiration behind wanting to create actionable content for caretakers. As Samir and I think about our family values and family mission, open-mindedness always tops the list. At the same time, we recognize it is overwhelming trying to figure out how and when to impart all the valuable lessons we have to give. Some of these moments will happen organically, but others, we must be intentional about. We hope you find our products and content useful in helping you live out your family's values!