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Printables for Kids!

Download our free printables here!

It's important for kids to see themselves as well as the diversity in others and the world in their learning. Download our printables with diverse characters and symbols for free!

All Ages - Our Set of Diverse Characters: Download our free set of diverse characters to cutout! Print them on cardstock or laminate them and stick them on a popsicle stick or magnet to play! These are great for open-ended play and discussions around diversity! More characters coming soon!

Diverse Character Cutouts

Preschool - Kindergarten (colors, tracing, simple addition / subtraction, size recognition, free coloring)

Printables for kids diversity

Preschool - Kindergarten (colors, tracing, simple addition / subtraction, patterns, numbers)

Diversity printables for kindergarten

Kindergarten - First Grade (coloring, simple addition / subtraction, counting, sight words, tracing, vocabulary)

First grade worksheets kindergarten free printables

3rd grade and up - Learn about famous US Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Trailblazers in US Politics (dollar words addition, word search)

AAPI Printables Word Search; Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Printable