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Diwali Suncatchers - order multiple for additional discount or add on one of our other great crafts at a substantial discount!

Wooden Mess-Free Rangolis

Diwali Sticker Cards

Free Printables:

1) Ramayan Story Cards: Use our Ramayan story cards for kids to teach children an abridged version of the story of Ramayan and Diwali. Kids will have fun coloring the pages and learning the story through visual prompts and cues!

2) Diwali story reel - our story cards are sized down in this fun craft to make a Diwali story reel! Full video tutorial here:

Diwali craft story reel

3) Gratitude Diwali DIY Banner: Create your own DIY Diwali banner! Use this simple template for a DIY Diwali Banner. Two options: 1) Use our templates and coloring sheets 2) Use our template and beautiful Diwali suncatchers. 

4) Rangoli Coloring Sheets - find larger versions of our rangoli designs here (one per page)!