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Velvet Foil Art: Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids

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Celebrate Chinese New YEar
Celebrate Lunar New Year

Crafting Experience: Chinese New Year Lantern Crafts

Celebrates: Lunar New Year in China

Description: Celebrate one of the world's grandest festivals with this lantern craft and Chinese character  (Good Fortune) sign. Simply peel off the different stickers, place the foil on the sticky part and rip off to see the magic! We love how easy and paint free (mess free!) this Chinese New Year activity for kids is! Great for little hands. 

Kit Details: Each kit contains information about Chinese New Year, two velvet sticker boards (~8in x 8in): 1) Lanterns 2) Chinese character (Good Fortune), 12 pieces of colorful foil (per design), 12 gemstone stickers (per design), informational sheet and a wooden tool. Each of the two designs is individually packaged. 

Special tips and notes: This is a simple craft to make your own Chinese New Years decorations. Check out our Chinese New Year Stickers and Card for additional fun and to make your own Chinese zodiac wheel!

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