Painting Kit: Dinosaurs crafts

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Paint herbivores vs carnivores crafts for kids
Paint your own dinosaur

Crafting Experience: Paint Your Own Dinosaur Toys!

Celebrates: The awesomeness of dinosaurs, a creature that connects us all and whose fossils can be found on every continent of the world!

Kit comes with 4 dinosaurs and a paintbrush. Option to include 6 fresh paint pots or to have no paint for a discount! 
































































Description: You'll love our paint your own dinosaur crafts for kids! Have fun painting these resin dinosaurs and creating your own prehistoric creatures for your dinosaur toys collection! These dinosaur toys for boys and girls make the perfect dinosaur gifts!
































































Kit Details: Each dinosaur craft kit contains 4 dinosaurs, 6 paint pots and a paint brush. Dinosaurs included are Styracosaurus, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dinosaurs measure about 6 in wide. 
































































Special tips and notes: The paint is made to adhere to our dinos. They may appear a bit clumpy, but mix it and you'll be good to go - try to to get too much water in the paint so it stays better!
































































These are great crafts for a dinosaur themed party. Let us know in the Instructions for Seller section at checkout that you'd like 3 extra paint brushes so ting-kit-dinosau

































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