Celebrate Diwali Crafts: Suncatchers + BONUS RANGOLI STENCIL

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Celebrate Diwali Crafts: Suncatchers + BONUS RANGOLI STENCIL
Celebrate Diwali Crafts: Suncatchers + BONUS RANGOLI STENCIL

Crafting Experience: Diwali Suncatchers

Celebrates: Diwali Festival, or Deepavali, the Hindu Festival of Lights

Description: Celebrate and learn about Diwali with these unique Diwali suncatchers! Paint 6 suncatchers, 5 that are different "diyas" (candles) and 1 that states "Happy Diwali". After you decorate your diyas and they are dry, hang them around your house to let the light in! Your little ones will be so proud of their DIY Diwali decorations!

Plus, a BONUS! We're throwing in a 10 inch rangoli stencil for use with rangoli colors or colored sand (not included). Designs will vary as each stencil we have is unique! They are a net type material that you put colors in like a sieve (the colored parts are solid so the colors don't go through).

Craft Kit Details: 6 suncatchers, 6 tubes of suncatcher paint, a Diwali facts sheet, 6 suction cups and 6 pieces of string. Suncatchers are approximately 4in x 4in each. One Bonus 10 inch rangoli stencil per suncatcher order. 

Special tips and notes: Follow us on Instagram for painting ideas and tips on what to do with extra paint! The color paints are thin so they dry translucent - so don't squeeze too hard! The colors also mix well so feel free to create your own colors - using a paintbrush (not included) is a great way to mix! Use the white paint (thicker and opaque) for smaller details.

Note: suction cups generally don't stick to cold surfaces (like windows if the temp outside is really cold) as the rubber gets stiff and can't form a seal! 

Check out our Diwali Infographic for Kids here!  

Charity supported: Magic Bus, USA

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